Firearms Safety Course

For nearly 50 years the Prior Lake Sportsmen’s Club has been offering Firearms Safety Instruction to youth and adults. Since the first course was held in April of 1968 the club has trained close to 3,000 students to safely handle and shoot firearms.

There are two sessions held each year, with the Spring Session starting in March and the Fall session in late August. The course consists of 6 classroom sessions and concludes with a Saturday morning Field Day where students get the opportunity to fire rifles and shotguns.

The course is co-sponsored by and held at the Prior Lake VFW.

Students must be at least 11 years old to take the course. There is a $15 charge per student to take the class.

Classes start in February and August. Sign up now!

If you're interested in taking a Firearms Safety course or have any questions, please contact Dan Borchardt Jr. at 952-447-3668 or send an email to